summer reflections - saint-louis crystal

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. The birds where singing their happiest song and my bedroom was filled with rays of sunlight that found their way through the branches and leaves. When the soft wind started to blow, everything changed into a summer dance on the walls, curtains and sheets.

I quickly jumped out of bed to get myself some fruit and went back with a bowl filled with goodness to enjoy this playground a little bit longer. I wish every day could start like this!

I know this may sound a bit dreamy, but truly, I am drawn to light and sparkles. As long as I can remember it catches my eye and I love to surround myself in this. I simply can’t stop looking at it! I am lucky enough to live in a home where you can find a lot of reflections, if only because the glass in my windows is hand blown. I believe it gives a place so much character, and it makes it even more magical when clouds arrive and the light changes completely.

One of places I really love to visit is the seaside, no matter the weather or season. Brightening skies, the golden sand, the changing tides and the seabirds, together they are at ease and so am I. I make sure to bring a good read, some nibbles and a beverage, because I always want to stick around there as long as  I possibly can to enjoy the glittering, sparkling water and flashes of bright sunlight covering the coastline. Life is good with the sound of crashing waves and splashing water in the background.

At the end of the day it is time to collect my things and head home again. I am happy to notice the sun is still accompaniyng at my balcony. A beam of lights stretching on the outside dinner table while I am enjoying a glass of white wine with my friends.

As time floats, the crystal glassware turnes into miniature sundials. Before we know it the night falls. I know it is time to go to bed, and honestly; I can’t wait to witness another sundance tomorrow!

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