this friday = cooking day

I just can't wait for Friday to arrive. I have so many things I'd like too cook and style, my head is simply spinning. And, funny enough, it isn't even about Christmas dinner. This is because for us it's tradition to have fondue with the family every year. And I like those traditions and gatherings, so no interference with that.

Back to my ideas for this Friday. I keep lists with things I want to cook and create. And when I am off for the weekend (or sometimes on Fridays), I jump out of bed early to do some groceries. Usually I buy too many lovely ingredients, but that does not matter, I'll make something with them anyway, photo or not! After my first plate of food is styled, I quickly turn my livingroom into a small studio. I get my props from the cabinet and create a setting.

Lights, camera, action! Taking shots of my carefully plated recipe takes time, and after an hour or so I am ready to get back to my - messy - kitchen and start all over again. That's just how it works, well euhm, actually this is how I work :)

On this weeks cooking list: celeriac soup with crème fraîche, toasted hazelnuts & fried sage, spaghetti vongole and maybe a grilled sandwich or something sweet. You'll see the results on my instagram page or here off course!

Enjoy your eve.

\ Marie xx