Marie Verdenius is an Amsterdam based food stylist & photographer. Her style can be described as pure, minimalistic with a nordic feel. She works for several magazines, lifestyle brands and individual makers.

marie verdenius portrait by renee kemps


Hand thrown ceramics made by a true artisan, a room flooded with natural bright light on a Sunday morning, flakey, buttery croissants from my favorite local bakery shop, a collection of soft linen tea towels, handpicked fruits and vegetables at the farmers market or a summer picnic with friends and family near the lake...

I love to capture the things in life that make me happy. In both words and pictures and mostly always combined.

As a professional food stylist and photographer, I focus on the small encounters of everyday life. For instance, I like to share stories of places I' ve been, people I've met that work wholeheartedly or delicious recipes I've cooked with seasons best ingredients.

Occasionally I gather with likeminded creatives, chefs, crafters and designers to make something beautiful together. And I would like to get to know you too! So if you are interested in teaming up with me, feel free to drop me a line at contact[at]mariekeverdenius.com.

Marieke Verdenius

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2017


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